EMDR Therapy in and around Scarborough

Eye Movement Desensitising Reprocessing Sessions

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Many people at some time in their lives experience some form of trauma, negatively emotional or painful. EMDR is a therapeutic approach unlike any other, and hypnotherapists tool designed for working with past events, which commonly takes roles in life known as Trauma, Phobia, Shame, Fear, Anxiety, Guilt… These memories usually fade away after a while and people are usually ok and carry on, but because they can be distressful or so painful, that they are not stored in the memory efficiently and end up unprocessed raw, and then buried in the nervous system.

Over time, some of these memories can be easily triggered, re-instating themselves unexpectedly from out of the bluewith the person going through the experience, emotions, distress and hurt over and over again. Some may not be aware of what they are at first and just experience emotions from it, before the memory reveals itself. To get the best results, these traumatic memories are best dealt with only, when a person is ready and deal in their own time, and not before, and they usually know when that time is.

EMDR is a guided eye movement system process that helps access stored information programmed in all multi-sensory forms, cognitive and emotional. It is a very effective treatment also for other conditions. When activated, it’s effective capabilities help reform resources and help heal the inner process of what was, reducing the negative beliefs from the past traumatic events then changing and installing new beliefs and lining up new patterns of more efficient and appropriate behaviours quickly, allowing you to move forwards to a positive empowering present affect.

EMDR works in a number of stages… knowing the memory, then to identify the unwanted unpleasant disturbance and negativity, and the emotions and feelings linked with it. Unlocking and breaking through negative emotions stored and supporting the mind. And allowing the mind to go with what comes up and process the experience to heal itself positively.
Some of what EMDR is used to treat amongst others:

Accidents at Work
Natural Disasters
Medical Procedures
Road Traffic Accidents
Stress / PTSD

Traumatic Grief
Work Place Bullying
Natural Disasters
Past Premature Births

Studies have shown EMDR therapy offers powerful changes and makes fast breakthroughs where even talk-based therapies have had very little impact in the past. Traumas can happen from very young and when they hit they are devastating and trying for years to repair the damages without support of neuro-physiological processing, often come to a halt.
Traumas leave people feeling out of control or helpless. EMDR trauma treatment is empowering and allows people to have a sense of openness and emotional awareness, improved outlooks and able to make decisions easily. Leading to better options and choices, and healthy recovery.

Traumatic memories can manifest and stay with you a very long time, holding you back in isolation and fear. With this therapy, you can finally remove your traumatic past out of your way and steer you forwards feeling healthier and happier in the present.