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Hypnosis allows you to make positive changes fast.

Hypnosis audio allows suggestions directly into your subconscious mind as you relax. Your powerful subconscious mind does not judge suggestions that are presented to it. Tell your subconscious mind that you sleep well and a good nights sleep is assured!

Anything that is in the mind can be changed and so hypnosis has hundreds of uses.

Hypnosis Audio

Play the hypnosis audio download .MP3s on a night time as you drift to sleep or during the day when you can put your feet up and relax. Sleep Well, Relaxation, Stop Smoking, Stress Management, Sexual Confidence, Sports Enhancement, Panic Attacks, Public Speaking, Weight Loss and so much more...

Smarter Hypnosis

All audio from The British Academy of Hypnosis contains Smarter Hypnosis.

Smarter Hypnosis is an embedded frequency into the audio music. This frequency lowers as the audio plays. As the frequency lowers it encourages the listeners mind to relax. The end result is a deeper longer level of hypnosis giving a 200% better result.

Subconscious Mind Analytical Relaxation Theta Enhanced Reprogram

The fastest working most powerful technologically advanced hypnosis audio available today. Downloads from as little as £8 with instant world wide delivery and an excellent support system.

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Smarter Hypnosis

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