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Scientific Medical Studies of Hypnosis
From data for over 6,000 patients, the findings suggest an average 74% success rate among those receiving hypnotherapy.

The outcome rates for anxiety disorders alone, traditionally hypnotherapy's strongest application, were higher still.

Improve your Health with Hypnosis.
Scientific evidence is mounting that shows hypnosis to be effective with many forms of health issues such as easing migraine headaches, pain relief, stress, panic attacks, lowering blood pressure, controlling asthma attacks, irritable bowel syndrome and hundreds of other health issues. All doctors will tell you the importance of having a strong mind when it comes to fighting off illness and disease.

This hypnosis improve your health audio program will allow your subconscious mind to scan your body to find any negative energy, stress or disease. The audio will ask your subconscious mind to do all in its power to repair and heal the mind and body.

Quantum Hypnosis works at a subconscious level where the mind can heal the body.

Play the audio on a regular basis to help destroy stress, pain and disease. The power of this attract health hypnosis download will help you create better health for life. Feel well, be free from disease, break pain, boost your immune system and create perfect health.

The Technical Stuff!
The perfect .MP3 Download is 30 minutes in length. The audio contains beautiful relaxing music with an English voice over. The audio can be downloaded instantly and can be played on your computer, .mp3 player, smart phone, tablet or can be transferred to CD.

Delivery Service
Perfect health MP3 files can be downloaded instantly.

Audio Information
Play the perfect health audio program when you can put your feet up, close your eyes and relax.
Some people will achieve health changes the first time they listen to the audio, others will make positive health changes in as little as 21 days but some people may use the audio a little longer. The more you use the perfect health audio the stronger the change. Once changes have been made they will be permanent as long as the mind set and physical body remains the same. Although we cannot guarantee perfect health from simply listening to this audio program we all know that a positive state of mind can destroy sickness and disease. Doctors today believe that up to 80% of sickness and illness may be mind related. Think well and be strong.

Perfect Health Hypnosis .MP3

Put your feet up, relax and close your eyes.
The relaxing music contains the power of
SMARTER Hypnosis which are powerful affirmations delivered by voice at a frequency which is accepted directly into the subconscious mind, making changes instantly.

SMARTER Hypnosis technology makes these hypnosis downloads perhaps the most powerful available on the Internet today.

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Hypnosis Audio Support and Guarantee
All MP3’s come with full Hypnotherapist support and a full 30 day no questions asked guarantee.

“The perfect health program is so wonderful to listen too. I believe that the state of my mind will directly affect my health. I use the audio each night as I go to sleep. I sleep well knowing that my mind is doing all that it can to help my body stay in perfect health and condition. I love it! This is perhaps the most important purchase I have ever made in my life. I just could not be without it. Thank you so much.” Simone.