The Power Mind - Personal Hypnosis Program

Fancy a little help to lose weight faster and easier than ever before?
Hypnotists available only in the UK

Step One - Free Personal Hypnosis Assessment

The personal weight loss coaching process begins with your own weight loss assessment, Gill will start by assessing your weight, body fat percentage, body water percentage, bone mass, muscle mass and visceral fat rating. These measurements will be used to monitor your success.

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Weight Loss Coach

Traditional diets just don’t work. You reduce your food intake and your metabolism slows down so when you come off your diet your weight gains and then you put on even more! Most people have experienced this Yo -Yo dieting.

The fact is losing weight can be simple and easy when you know how, our free weight loss consultation will show your suitability for this program.

“Wow! Just Wow! Totally blow away by the power of this free health and nutrition consultation. I found out stuff about my body that I had no idea about. I cannot believe that I have been wasting my time on diets all these years without really knowing what I was doing. The free weight loss consultation was so clear and so well presented at last I am looking forwards to getting started and changing my life around once and for all.” Julie

Step Two - Personal Hypnosis Sessions

Personal Hypnosis sessions every few weeks to speed your weight loss success.

Sessions will be approximately 1 hour in length and will cost £100 depending on location and availability.

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The price to join the hypnosis coaching program is normally £200 per session but for a limited time and availability you can book these private weight loss hypnosis sessions with a 50% discount for just £100.
(Price depends on location and on availability.)

These Personal Weight Loss Hypnosis Sessions are available with Gill Elders across Scarborough and East Yorkshire

“Like most people I have tried dieting almost all my life without success. After just a few short months of following this weight and nutrition program I have lost almost 40lb of fat whilst increasing my hydration levels, muscle mass and bone mass. I never thought this would be possible. I was amazed by this weight loss and nutrition program from the first free consultation and I can confirm that the support system offered by David Knight and his team is simply first class. You have changed my life and I cannot thank you enough.” Mark

Step Three - Your Personal Weekly Assessment

You will receive your own personal weight loss monitor to monitor and assess your health and nutrition requirements on a weekly basis. Each week you will have a personal coaching session by telephone or Internet with Gill to guarantee our commitment to you achieving your personal goals.

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Weight Loss Hypnosis
“I cannot believe the power of this private hypnosis program. Each week I have a private consultation with my Hypnotherapists and my Nutritionalist. This weekly assessment really keeps me motivated and I can see my changes every single week. Pounds of fat is dropping off me whilst hydration is up, muscle is up and bone mass is up. The information I am gaining about my mind, nutrition and health is priceless and simply life changing. I cannot recommend this program highly enough. thank you so much for all your amazing first class support.” Graham

Step Four - Free Personal Hypnosis Audio

People will tell you that they have lost weight when their mind is in the right place. Hypnosis will give you the winning edge in the fight for fitness. Gill Elders Hypnotherapist has over 10 Hypnosis Weight Loss and Health audio products to help you create the perfect state of mind.

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Weight Loss Hypnosis

These hypnosis audio programs are complimentary to help you kick start your personal hypnosis weight loss sessions. Free hypnosis weight loss audio to support your weight loss and nutrition program. Hypnosis audio can help with weight loss, cravings, stress, sleep patterns, emotional eating and exercise.

What a difference this therapy has made. After each session I felt like a new woman. Relaxed & stronger, & able to be more control of my feelings. This has helped me in my depression, hugely.” Lesley

Step Five - The Personal Nutrition Program

The Nutrition Program is a vital part of your success. Hypnosis alone will not help you lose weight or build your health. Hypnosis will give you the mindset to follow a firm nutrition program. We have the perfect nutrition program for fast and healthy weight loss whilst maintaining bone mass and muscle mass and feeding your body with the right macronutrients and micronutrients that your body needs for perfect health.

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Hypnosis Audio
“Over the past 4 months I have been receiving personal Hypnosis Sessions. Initially I received a personal health assessment and I was so excited about joining the program. Every two weeks I have had personal hypnosis sessions which I totally love! The Private Hypnosis Sessions have been supported with an abundance of free hypnosis audio which is just incredible. My mid set is so strong and I am so determined. Weekly conference calls with my Hypnotist and Nutritionalist means my knowledge of Mind and Nutrition is excellent. I can't believe I have gone all these years without understanding my nutrition. You have changed my life. I am over 50lbs lighter, my fitness and energy levels are simply unbelievable!” Thomas

Step Six - Your Personal Award Winning Support System

Our support program will offer you the knowledge to understand the power of hypnosis and the importance of nutrition. Weight loss happens when the power of hypnosis drives the power of nutrition. Ongoing life time support.

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Personal Coach
“The support system is just so wonderful, it’s great to have so much access and support from Life Coaches, Doctors, Hypnotists and Nutritionalists. Thank you so much David, Viv and the entire team. The weekly support calls are just superb and it’s just wonderful to know there is a big team of professionals looking after my health. With all your support anyone can do this. In just 3 short months I am over 30b lighter. I feel amazing. Thank you. Darren

To find out about current availability of the weight loss program please contact Gillian Elders Hypnotherapist direct.