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Self-Hypnosis for Stress Relief

Learning Self-Hypnosis and understanding how stress affects your life is an effective way to get things done, and powerful approach to eliminating unwanted negative feelings and emotions. It is important to know what stress is and the way it operates within us. Naturally stress affects all of us at some times in our lives.

Stress can be experienced as tightness, anxiety, a fear, even work or a new job. It may be a feeling of being trapped, and there’s no way out of a situation, no-where to go to escape from it. When we’re stressed we sometimes feel irritable, angry, frustrated or upset. And as the stress increases it becomes too much and we can’t cope anymore. This may result damaging your health or wellbeing or affect your performance in all aspects of your life.

Feelings become bound with changes in our bodies and end up being a series of predictable events. Adrenaline is released in your body and you experience all the symptoms of your body preparing for 'fight or flight'. This is controlled mainly by release of adrenaline. Adrenaline causes a number of changes that help you to survive. Tightening of the muscles and the re-routing of blood supplies so that muscles get more blood flow and the digestion system gets less. All this preparation is so that your survival or health is more equipped when put under pressure, with what is felt as a threat.

However, it’s not really an outside event that causes stress. Rather, our system works itself, usually, things can be going at a smooth flowing pace, then something happens. It might be a small or large crisis in our lives, it could be for ex, an accident, or change of job. This external stress is called a Trauma. If it’s a physical trauma, the body is on its wits end to cope with it. Internally Generated Stress can come from anxiety or worrying beyond your Control.
It can also come from an 'addiction' to and enjoyment of stress. An unbalanced or unhealthy diet is also an important factor. Caffeine raises your levels of stress hormones, makes it more difficult to sleep, and can make you more irritable.

The Autonomic Nervous system in the body is affected, such as excessive cold, skin density changes, hair stands on end, blood vessels at the surface contract and breathing changes. Whether it’s external trauma, physical or psychological, these are coping mechanisms, and their job is to bring the body back into balance, which is normal process through the day.

It is thought that a lot of stress comes from peoples work and lifestyle. While this is true, it is also important to be aware of that it can be caused by your environment and by the food and drink you consume. Stress is the world’s hidden killer! Self-Hypnosis plays a big role in reducing stress. Just going into a hypnotic trance, which after all is just simply focusing and relaxing, can have a profound soothing effect on your mind and body. Stress is reduced by all the muscles and stomach relaxing, and the adrenal secretion is slowed down, finally allowing the nervous system to help its healing purpose. It is also important to note, that Self-Hypnosis is an excellent and effective way for reducing High Blood Pressure and keep it in check, with a blood pressure monitor.

This training course is ideal and will teach you so much, if you really want to have a healthy, balanced mind and body. It will enable you to use all the tools you’ve learned to defeat stress in all areas of your life!

Self Hypnosis Training Scarborough

This training course will show you how to tap into your subconscious mind to help you enhance your life. Whether your aim is to reduce stress and anxiety, increase confidence and self-esteem, improve sleep, enhance learning abilities, improve memory, public speaking, and to remove old habits, beliefs, overcome fears and phobias and much more.

The course has been created to show you how you will learn to hypnotise yourself and take control of your own mind, enabling you to make positive changes to your life within yourself, ‘
not’, about learning to hypnotise others.

Hypnosis is very pleasant and natural process that runs in all of us and used on a regular basis people are generally more relaxed, calm and focused, and feel healthier and happier in themselves.

You will learn the skills and multiple benefits Self Hypnosis has to offer and acquire the ability to enable you to put yourself into ‘trance’ quickly and easily and return from trance to your full awake state whenever you wish to.

This course is run over 6/8 weeks, and includes:

What is hypnosis?
Learning by doing
Discovering the inner you
Rules of the Mind
The conscious and sub-conscious minds
Degrees of suggestibility
Group trance session
The powerful force of the human mind
How to use its amazing potential and power we creative to change, maintain our health, wealth and happiness
Group self-hypnosis
Stress–the hidden killer
Building suggestions
The power of positive affirmations and much more.

Learn more about the fascinating world of hypnosis with leading Hypnotherapist Gillian Elders who will teach you, how to focus and direct your “power” within all aspects of your life.

With completing this training course you will become the master of your own mind and be able to achieve your goals with ease.

The cost of this course is only £75, (which includes a CD and course materials).

Because this course is excellent value and is limited in positions there is often a wait so booking early is advisable to guarantee your place.  
The program is limited in availability as Gillian Elders likes to offer you her time and support. 

If you would like to reserve a place please
 contact me.