Scarborough Hypnosis Testimonials

“I began using the hypnosis weight loss system myself after my lifestyle lead to me putting on the pounds, within 4 months I managed to lose 30lbs of weight. I feel so much healthier, fat lost, muscle gained and my energy levels went through the roof! If you are ready to lose weight I hope you will come and join me. Together we can do this. Today I still constantly losing 1-2lbs of fat every week” David

“Like most people I have tried dieting almost all my life without success. After just a few short months of following this weight and nutrition program I have lost almost 40lb of fat whilst increasing my hydration levels, muscle mass and bone mass. I never thought this would be possible. I was amazed by this weight loss and nutrition program from the first free consultation and I can confirm that the support system offered by David Knight and his team is simply first class. You have changed my life and I cannot thank you enough.” Julia

“I cannot believe how simple and effective this program is. I never feel hungry but the pounds are just dropping off me. Seeing others lose so much weight and look so good has been so inspirational. The support you offer is simply incredible, no wonder people are doing so well. The hypnosis just makes following the nutrition program so easy. I love it. Thank you.” Anthoney

“I used your audio CD for a few months, then presto all of a sudden my mind was in the right place, I lost 10.4 Kg in 3 months which I was happy about.  I then went on a 7 week holiday to the Baltics and Croatia, been home 1 1/2 weeks and had lost .7kg while I was away.  So 11.1 all up so far. More to go.  Have gone down a couple of dress sizes. Thank you for helping me.” Lynda

“I have purchased a few hypnosis CD’s in the past but I found this one just takes me so deep so fast it makes me feel wonderful, I have only been using the hypnosis CD for a few weeks and already the pounds are dropping off and I feel amazing! Thank you so much David. Im loving this!” Mark

"I have had 3 sessions with Gill. I feel very comfortable and relaxed, during the session. I have hypnotherapy to help with my weight. Especially snacking, I can say that my snacking has stopped by 90%, since the start of my sessions. The sessions are never rushed and I look forward to my next." Lesley

"I have been coming to Gill now for quite some time for my weight problems. I have been to several other Hypnotists that have not worked out, Gill has a fantastic range of techniques that have not been offered to me in the past, which have worked amazingly well. She is fantastic at her job and I would highly recommend her. She has lovely calming personality and all the qualities that make a good Hypnotist." Debbie

"Gillian is amazing. Helped me years ago and showed me techniques to clear my head!! Fantastic, give her a go, well worth it." Sara

"Very professional, felt very relaxed, I would highly recommend to anyone. 5 Star service." Carl